Former breeding males

SE*Whiskers'nPaws Dharkan, 

Born: 2019-04-27

Dam: CH S*Aucuparia's Mississippi

Sire: CH Tilsim dan Al Pacino

PKdef – N/N

PRA (rdAc) – N/N

Carries dilute

Carries sorrel

Blood-type: A or AB

Offspring: Litter No. 5 -"Hakua Matata"

Dharkan lives with us in Skokloster.

CH Tilsim dan Al Pacino - Texas, SOM n

 Born: 2018-04-13


Litter no 1 "Down under" 

Litter no 2 "Nespresso -What else?" 

Texas has moved to Enköping where he lives together with his best friend Chimba.