In 2016 I started my cattery called Whiskers 'n Paws. My aim is to breed healthy and beautiful somali cats with a lovely personality. 

My first cat Fiffi was introduced to my family when I was 10 years old. My parents had no idea we were getting a pet; I had called a number in the newspaper and the sellers showed up with Fiffi just moments later. Luckily my parents accepted Fiffi into the family. After Fiffi followed another cat named SkrĂ„llan. She was the love of the entire family and we all became hooked on cats. Our first pedigree-bred cat was a Russian Blue female called Isabella. She was a beautiful green-eyed cat that loved my brother to pieces. At a cat show we saw a somali for the first time, and instantly fell in love with the somali breed.  My parents started a somali cattery named Gyllendals in 1995 and over a number of years we had some lovely litters. In 2003 we bought a stud named Askur and he is still with us. Askur is my love and joy!! He has a wonderful personality and the biggest heart. My mother had a sorrel female called Blossom. Blossom and Askur had a litter in which there was a blue little boy. I just had to keep him. His name was Legolas and he was the most loving creature I have ever met. Legolas chose my father as his person. Legolas therefore stayed with my parents when I moved out to start university. Unfortunately Blossom and Legolas are not longer with us, but we have many loving memories.  When Legolas past away I felt it was time to buy a new somali. My mother had not been active for a few years and I decided I wanted to start my own cattery. My cattery is called Whiskers 'n Paws. I have a beautiful male called Mohatu from (N) Kiachero in Norway. Mohatu has the best personality imaginable. I couldn't have asked for a better cat. Mohatu lives together with Askur and me, but we often visit my parents who have a ragdoll named Beethoven and a male somali from NO*Oyapus in Norway called Chimba. Mohatu and Chimba are best friends and also half brothers.

You can follow all our cats on Instagram: @whiskersnpaws_somali.         

My name is Josefina Zidar.

I am a Dr in ethology (animal behaviour).

My main intrest is individual variation in behaviour and I have focused on animal personaity and cognition during my PhD.

I have a keen interest in nature photography and love to take photographs of my cats. Needless to say cats are a big part of my life.